1. back adjustment

    The Lowdown on Lower Back Pain

    Are you experiencing back pain? Seek help from our chiropractor at Source Studio, and learn more about back pain causes, symptoms and treatments below. We offer walk-in services in Loveland for your convenience. About Your Lower Back Pain Have you ever offered to do a good deed for a friend or fami…Read More

  2. Doctor with patient

    Degenerative Disc Disease 101: What You Should Know

    There are more than 3 million new cases of Degenerative Disc Disease every year in the United States. At least 30 percent of people ages 30 to 50 years old will have some degree of disc degeneration with or without symptoms or formal diagnosis. Over the age of 60, it is normal to have some degree of…Read More

  3. Doctor touching patient back

    Things To Know About A Herniated Disc

    Just like with Degenerative Disc Disease, more than 3 million new cases of a herniated disc or spinal herniated discs occur every year. Other names associated with a herniated disc are bulging disc and ruptured disc. This condition may arise from weakness within the vertebrae caused by aging or from…Read More

  4. neck adjustment

    Top Reasons To Visit a Chiropractor

    If you frequently experience aches and pains that cause you extreme discomfort throughout your day, you are not alone. In fact, many people suffer through chronic pain without taking action and remedying the source of their pain. However, there are many ways that visiting a chiropractor can help to …Read More

  5. neck adjustment

    How Chiropractic Can Restore Your Well-Being

    Living with chronic pain can be extremely debilitating, especially if you are used to maintaining an active lifestyle. If you suffer from everyday pain and fatigue, you may be wondering where the source of your ailments stem from or what you can do to alleviate it. While many begrudgingly live with …Read More