5 Reasons To Try Out A Restorative Yoga Class


5 Reasons To Try Out A Restorative Yoga Class

Has your neck or back been feeling stiff lately? Is the stress of work starting to weigh on your personal life? Are you looking for a way to just slow down your mind a little bit, if even for as little as one hour a day? A restorative yoga class might be the perfect solution for you.

There are many benefits you’ll reap if you ever decide to try out a restorative yoga class, and luckily, we started offering classes in our new Loveland yoga studio at Source Studio. We decided we wanted to offer more than just chiropractic services to those in the community, and our restorative yoga classes are suitable for individuals of all ages and all levels. Contact us today for more information.

Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits you can gain from taking a restorative yoga class, as we’ve listed five reasons you should give one a try today.

1. You’ll enhance your flexibility.

During a restorative yoga class, you’ll hold poses, such as Child’s Pose and Savasana, for several minutes — significantly more than your average vinyasa class. Some postures are held for an extended period of time. To make it more comfortable and get into a deeper stretch, props like bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps are used. You’ll notice an increase in your flexibility after regularly taking a few classes.

When you hold a supported pose for a long period of time, your body is given the opportunity to fully engage, soften and perfect your positioning.

With this new flexibility, you’ll hopefully find that you’ll experience less neck and back pain as well, especially when combined with our walk-in chiropractic services.

2. You can boost your immune and nervous systems.

Regularly practicing restorative yoga can greatly help improve your internal health. You’ll find you won’t catch colds or the flu nearly as frequently as you once did, and you’ll also notice improvements with your nervous system as well.

Restorative yoga optimizes your energy flow to your organs and can help with tissue renewal. Signing up for a yoga class can also help reduce your “fight or flight” response.

3. You can quiet your mind and heal emotional pain.

Restorative yoga has more than just physical benefits — it also has mental benefits. This calming exercise can help you quiet your mind after a busy day, and we strongly encourage our yogis to leave their problems at the door when they walk into our Loveland yoga studio.

The time you spend during a yoga class is strictly your time, and you should be fully present during it. Taking the time to focus on yourself can help heal any emotional pain you might be experiencing, and a clear mind has been proven to improve your overall mental health.

4. You can lose weight.

According to a study conducted by the University of California – San Diego in 2013, overweight women lost fat when they regularly practiced restorative yoga compared to a regular stretching routine.

Why is that? Well, since yoga can help reduce your cortisol levels, which are linked to increased abdominal fat, you can start to lose that fat if you regularly stick to a restorative yoga routine.

5. You find out where you hold your stress.

When you take a restorative yoga class, you’ll learn quickly the areas of the body where you hold the most tension or stress since you’ll be holding poses for several minutes at a time. After you discover these areas, whether they include your neck, back or hips, you can then send your breath to these areas throughout the day as you start to feel stressed or uncomfortable.


Take A Class At Our Yoga Studio in Loveland

At Source Studio, we offer more than just chiropractic services to our local community — we’ve recently added restorative yoga classes so that you can have a natural, holistic approach to your overall health. We also offer private yoga classes for yogis of all ages and physical wellness backgrounds, and you can still continue to use our walk-in chiropractic services.

If you do decide to try a restorative yoga class at our yoga studio, we suggest you arrive about 10 minutes prior to class — no sign-ups necessary at this time. Wear something comfortable and we do the rest! We also supply all the yoga equipment and props, unless you want to bring your own. It’s so easy to get started that there is truly no time like the present to do something your future self will thank you for.

More Information About Our Yoga Classes

Vinyasa and Hatha (Gentle) yoga will replace Restorative yoga once to twice a month, depending on student requests. All classes are modified to fit your individual needs. You get to make the class as gentle or as challenging as you would like! That’s the true power of yoga. Getting the ability to get out of your mind (ego) and into your body enjoying the present moment! After all, that’s all we really have.

Take a yoga class today at our yoga studio in Loveland. Learn more about our schedule here, and contact us today for any of your yogi or chiropractic needs. You can reach us by calling (970) 409-5428 or by completing our online form.