5 Reasons You Should See A Walk-In Chiropractor


5 Reasons You Should See A Walk-In Chiropractor

Whether you’ve been experiencing chronic back pain or you’ve noticed a new annoying kink in your neck, there are many benefits to getting help from a walk-in chiropractor. Chiropractors are trained to make spinal adjustments that can improve your health, and research shows they can considerably help with your migraines, sciatica pain, hip pain and more!

At Source Studio, we’ve worked with patients ranging in age and pain issues. We offer walk-in chiropractic care services that range from full-body adjustments to sports physicals and therapeutic taping. Don’t live your life in pain anymore — visit our Loveland, Colorado office or contact us today!

In this blog post, we provide five reasons you should consider seeing a walk-in chiropractor if you are experiencing pain.

1. It’s convenient.

Who wants to go through the tedious process of scheduling an appointment in today’s busy day-and-age? Also, when you’re experiencing pain, you don’t have one to five days to wait to see a chiropractor — you want care and you want it immediately.

A walk-in chiropractor can offer you beneficial services to help relieve your pain without a scheduled appointment or wait time. You also can figure out the source of your pain right away without having to wait and possibly have it worsen, which might end up in costly hospital or medical bills.

At Source Studio, we’ve designed our business model to fit the lifestyles of our busy patients. We specialize in manual adjustments, but we also practice “drop table techniques” if necessary. Read more about our walk-in services here.

2. You’ll notice improved balance, increased flexibility and better posture.

Research shows receiving care from a chiropractor can help restore and improve your balance, while also improving your flexibility and overall posture. Chiropractors help align your spine to relieve your pain, and that ultimately leads to better posture and a stronger skeletal structure. From there, your body’s ability to balance is stronger than before.

Also, patients often say they experience a greater range of motion after several chiropractic treatments. When your spine is in proper alignment, your body has the ability to move more naturally, from your neck to your hips to your feet.

3. You’ll learn to manage your pain.

Chiropractors’ main goals are to help you minimize and eventually completely eliminate your pain. They can’t do all of the work for you though, so they oftentimes will provide you with tips, advice and exercises to take care of your pain at home when you’re not in their office.

Some examples of tips they might offer include the following:

  • Starting your day with stretching or a yoga routine.
  • Incorporating more physical exercise into your day.
  • Minimizing your cell phone use.
  • Sitting up straight.

If you can learn to manage your pain, your visits to the chiropractor might eventually start to lessen. As much as we love our patients here at Source Studio, we love it even more when their pain starts to go away!

4. Stress relief.

Stress plays a huge factor in many patients lives, which is why we offer walk-in chiropractor services at our clinic — it’s just one less thing for you to worry about.

When your muscular and skeletal systems are out of line, your entire body will feel out of line, including your nervous system. This increases stress on your physical body as well as mental stress. When you regularly visit a chiropractor who balances your spine, you’ll feel a sense of relaxation and you’ll be able to handle stress better.


5. You’ll sleep better.

If you’re in pain, chances are your sleep schedule isn’t the best. When you take the time to treat your pain and find solutions to manage it, your sleep will inevitably improve. Seeing a chiropractor can help individuals relieve pain, allowing them to get the rest they need every night.

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