Four Things To Know About Therapeutic Taping

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Four Things To Know About Therapeutic Taping

At Source Studio, located in Loveland, CO, we help our clients live a wholesome lifestyle through integrative care services. Whether you need a corrective massage or are interested in a yoga and meditation class, we have something for everyone! This blog explores a few things to be in the know about therapeutic taping, and we hope you find it useful! Contact us today.

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What Does Therapeutic Tape Do?

Therapeutic tape offers support if you are experiencing pain in any of your joints or ligaments. This pain can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, and therapeutic taping is the way to go. At Source Studio, we offer RockTape. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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Tape Application Rules

Before you or your chiropractor applies any type of therapeutic taping to your body, the area must be cleaned and free of any dirt and bacteria. This will ensure you don't get any form of infection, and it will also keep you as comfortable as possible.

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How Long Do I Keep It On?

As a general rule, the tape can stay on the skin for about four days, give or take. Once those few days are up, it would be in your best interest to change them! A few benefits of our RockTape are that it is hypoallergenic, acrylic-based, and contains no latex.

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Choose Us!

If you need assistance with therapeutic taping, our team of trained and specialized providers can get the job done! We are proud to offer RockTape to ensure you receive the quality adhesive you need and deserve.

At Source Studio, our mission is to ensure our patients are set up for success, and we want you to feel good from the inside out. As a patient-focused facility, our customers always come first! Learn more about our team today!

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