Yoga Guide for Beginners: Your Questions Answered

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Yoga Guide for Beginners: Your Questions Answered

Yoga is an ancient practice that has existed for hundreds of years. It's a spiritual practice that involves intricate postures and techniques that can yield amazing health benefits. Source Studio in Loveland offers yoga classes for all ages. Learn more about yoga if you're a beginner, and book your yoga class today.

What's the Best Type of Yoga For Beginners?

Admittedly, there are many different yoga styles and classes to choose from that the choices may be overwhelming. In the end, it truly doesn't matter which yoga style you begin with, the first step is to just begin. Here at Source Studio, we offer Restorative and Gentle Yoga Flow classes. Book today.

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What's With All the Yoga Poses?

Yoga is both a spiritual and a physical practice that trains both the mind and the body. Yoga poses are meant to be challenging in order to develop the mind and body's fortitude. Holding poses have many health benefits too, such as helping to train concentration, focus, balance, and helping with keeping connective tissues hydrated.

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Do You Need Special Gear to Practice Yoga?

You truly don't need anything to practice yoga; all you have to do is show up. That being said, by wearing loose-fitting clothing that is easy to move around in, as well as investing in a mat so you are comfortable when you are on the floor, you'll be more comfortable in your yoga practice.

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How Does Yoga Connect With Meditation and Breathwork?

Yoga is very much about being in the moment and being in tune with one's body. Breathwork helps us to focus on what is happening around us, helps us stay present, and some types help with cleaning the body. Meditation is a deep conscious breathing that is an integral part of yoga, too.


Yoga is a very popular practice that many embrace for its health and spiritual benefits. If you are new to yoga or a seasoned pro, we invite you to our health and wellness center in Loveland for one of our yoga classes. Book today!