What is Reiki?

Reiki is the beautiful ability to heal oneself and others through universal life-force energy.

Everything in this world and beyond is comprised of energy. Reiki comes from the term “Rei” translated as spirit, sacred, soul and “Ki” translated means life-force energy. This wisdom comes from the Source of all things, the Creator, All That Is. This infinite, all-knowing power has the ability to understand, create, destroy, and heal all things. We have the ability to tap into and harness this healing life-force energy. Using meditation, stillness, and being properly attuned to receive this transcending energy we can bring healing to ourselves and the world around us even through space and time.


How is Reiki Performed?

Reiki is a holistic, gentle, non-invasive, and hands-on healing technique. During the session an attuned Reiki provider will harness the spiritual life-force energy to help bring harmony and balance to the mind, emotions, body, and spirit of the patient. The patient will stay fully clothed but typically takes their shoes off. Reiki can be performed sitting in a chair but is generally performed while lying face up on a massage table. Light touch or non-touch can take place based on the patient’s preference to Chakra (centers of spiritual power) that are connected to physical organs and along the areas of complaint of the patient. Many people notice sensations like hot, cold, and tingling during the treatment. Sessions are typically one hour long. Based on the severity of ailments the patient may require more than one session. It is important to note to “heal” and to “cure” are completely different. Though miracles happen Reiki helps to bring more balance and healing to the mind, body, and spirit it is not a cure for any illness or disease.


History Of Reiki

The history of how Reiki came about is serendipitous! Dr. Mikao Usui was a scholar in Japan who taught at a Christian seminary. On an ordinary day it is said that one of his students challenged him by asking if he believed and understood the healing power of Jesus. The student then asked Dr. Usui if he would be able to teach the students how Jesus healed the sick and the poor.


Dr. Usui then began a great fascination with Jesus and Buddha. He then started his life-long quest to try to understand and teach their great power to heal others. He was really interested in understanding how Jesus was able to heal the sick and dying with his two hands. He traveled far and wide reading ancient sanskrit sutras, Christian scriptures, and Buddhist teachings. Dr. Usui felt as though he was yearning for more knowledge so he began meditating upon the questions he still had. He decided to fast and meditate for twenty-one days to bring more clarity. At the end of his twenty-one day fast and meditation he was struck with vast spiritual empowerment and insight “by becoming one with the Light.” Ancient healing symbols that he had discovered on his travels had come back to him and he understood each of them on a very deep level; what they meant and how to use them to heal. He began healing himself and many others who asked for his healing touch using his two hands and the ancient symbols.

Amanda Kellogg-Enriquez is co-owner & operator of The Source Studio. She is a level 2 & 3 Reiki provider. All Reiki providers have a specific lineage. Her lineage traces all the way back to Dr. Mikao Usui. She was taught and attuned levels I -III by Reiki Master Brenda Carey.

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